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HARDROCK-50+ 100W Amp Kit

HARDROCK-50+ 100W Amp Kit

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Ready for 100W for your QRP Radio.  Meet the HARDROCK-50+.  Available in two versions, an upgrade to your HARDROCK-50 or now as a full kit build from scratch.

If you have a Hardrock-50, you already know how a solid, well designed, 50 watt amplifier can thoroughly enhance your QRP operation. Introduced in 2013 with more than 2000 units sold, the Hardrock-50 is the most successful 50W HF+6M amplifier kit of all time. Fast forward 10 years to 2023 and the HobbyPCB engineers have managed to modernize the Hardrock-50 and double the output power in the same enclosure! The Hardrock-50+ is actually 4 oz. lighter than the Hardrock-50. There’s no need to drop more than $1000 to step up to the 100W level, we’ll get you there for much less.

The Hardrock-50+ 100W upgrade kit uses an existing Hardrock-50 amplifier and provides a new amplifier board and new control board that significantly enhances the Hardrock-50.

  • Increases the output from 50W to 90-100W on 160-10M and 60-70W on 6M.
  • Provides more extensive metering; Power, SWR, Temperature, Voltage and Current displays
  • Uses active protection in fault conditions
  • New color graphic LCD with enhanced displays and menus
  • Built-in bias current measurement for easy alignment
  • RF frequency detection and COR for automatic band selection with ANY transceiver
  • Super efficient NXP MRF101 LDMOS transistor
  • Easily powered by a 50V 4A DC power supply
  • Seven element elliptical filters for each band exceeds FCC spectral purity requirements
  • Uses the same ATU and interface kits as the 50W amp

Check out more information and view the assembly instructions at the HARDROCK-50 Wiki

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