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IC-705 to HARDROCK Interface

IC-705 to HARDROCK Interface

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The interface kit provides plugs for the SEND/ALC connector on the IC705 for PTT and a Bluetooth interface to receive CIV data from the IC-705 and convert it to band change commands for the Hardrock amps.

*** NEW for November, 2023, now includes an upgrade  to make the Hardrock-50 appear to be an ICOM ATU attached to the IC705 and allow all of the tuning functions in the radio to operate the Hardrock-50’s ATU. ***

Simply solder the supplied, pre-programmed, Arduino Nano and the Bluetooth module to the PCB assemble the case, connect the IC705 and Hardrock amp with the included cables and you're ready to go.

You must change the Bluetooth Data setting in the IC-705's menu to CIV Data (Echo Back) and connect the 'Hardrock Amp' in the Bluetooth menu. The security code is 1234. The Hardrock must be set to 19200 ACC buad rate. Older HR-50s need 5V jumpered to PIN 1 on the ACC jack.

Look for an upcoming 'hack' to add CIV output to deliver band change info to a QRO amplifier and the Hardrock-50 simultaneously.

The kit includes everything that you need:

  • Interface Unit (some assembly required, all SMT parts already installed)
  • DB-9 cable to connect to the Hardrock
  • 2 x 3.5mm cables to connect to the IC-705
  • ICOM ATU Upgrade Board
  • 6-Pin Header

The PTT interface is fully protected against voltage spikes and excessive voltage or current and works perfectly with the '705.

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