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RF Power Tools

AN1819 500W/700W Amplifier Board

AN1819 500W/700W Amplifier Board

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This product is now out of stock and has been discontinued.

The RF Power Tools amplifier deck is based on Microsemi's AN1819 application note. Using a pair of VRF2933's it will make 500W output with 5W drive or with a pair of VRF2944's it will make 700W with 7W drive.

** NOTE: The amplifier deck can be used to make a 700W amp but not in a Hardrock-500. **

The board is 4"X6" and has 2 oz. cu. and emersion gold finish for excellent solderability.

All SMT parts are pre-installed, comes with:

- 680uF 80V Capacitor
- Temperature Sensors
- Toroidal Cores
- All wire
- Pair of VRF2933 Genuine Microsemi Mosfets from a domestic source

More details can be found at RF Power Tools

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